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Special people and events deserve the best, and our Caramel & Toffee Gift Tower delivers just that.

A bounty of decadent chocolate treats burst from lovely, keepsake boxes hand-tied with gold & ivory ribbon.

Within one box, you will find... Not to Chewy, Rich & Buttery Sea Salt Caramels Covered in a Shell of Premium 60% Dark Chocolate and Sprinkled with Hawaiian Bamboo Jade Sea Salt.. Made with fresh cream & butter and pure cane sugar. Who could resist?! So extraordinary...

Another box holds our Chocolate Pecan Toffee... We make crunchy, buttery toffee loaded with pecans, drench it in Premium 60% Dark Chocolate; and then, for the perfect finishing touch, sprinkle it with more pecans and drizzle on even more chocolate. Who could resist?!

The last box contains .. Caramel Pecan Clusters:  Buttery Sea Salt Caramel, Made with fresh cream & butter and pure cane sugar is fused with oven- toasted Georgia pecans. Once these caramely pecans are firm enough to handle, they are enrobed in rich 60% Dark Chocolate.

The caramel is the perfect consistency, not too chewy and not too gooey. 

  • 4 Dark Chocolate Bamboo Jade Sea Salt Caramels
  • ½ lb Dark Chocolate Pecan Toffee
  • ½ lb 60% Dark Chocolate Caramel Pecan Clusters
  • 100% natural ingredients | Gluten free
Your order is guaranteed to arrive in perfect condition. Our packaging and shipping practices protect your order, even during the warmest weather. We add ice bricks and insulated shipping container when necessary to ensure a safe (un-melted) arrival of chocolates at no additional cost. Be sure someone is available to receive package during warm or hot weather season.