Caramels & Toffee Gift Tower

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Special people and events deserve the best, and our Caramel & Toffee Gift Tower delivers just that.

A bounty of decadent chocolate treats burst from lovely, keepsake boxes hand-tied with gold & ivory ribbon.

Within one box, you will find... Not to Chewy, Rich & Buttery Sea Salt Caramels Covered in a Shell of Premium 60% Dark Chocolate and Sprinkled with Hawaiian Bamboo Jade Sea Salt.. Made with fresh cream & butter and pure cane sugar. Who could resist?! So extraordinary...

Another box holds our Chocolate Pecan Toffee... We make crunchy, buttery toffee loaded with pecans, drench it in Premium 60% Dark Chocolate; and then, for the perfect finishing touch, sprinkle it with more pecans and drizzle on even more chocolate. Who could resist?!

The last box contains .. Caramel Pecan Clusters:  Buttery Sea Salt Caramel, Made with fresh cream & butter and pure cane sugar is fused with oven- toasted Georgia pecans. Once these caramely pecans are firm enough to handle, they are enrobed in rich 60% Dark Chocolate.

The caramel is the perfect consistency, not too chewy and not too gooey. 

  • 4 Dark Chocolate Bamboo Jade Sea Salt Caramels
  • ½ lb Dark Chocolate Pecan Toffee
  • ½ lb 60% Dark Chocolate Caramel Pecan Clusters
  • 100% natural ingredients | Gluten free