Couple That Loves to Create


You will taste the passion that goes into every bite of our Sumptuous Truffles, Toffees & Chocolate Treats.  All of our Creations are made in small batches to maintain our high quality standards.  We only use Premium Chocolate and the freshest ingredients. 

Gabriella Chocolates & Confections is a team of artisan chocolatiers, and we love what we do. As a husband and wife team working side by side, We believe, Chocolate should not only taste delicious, but be visually intriguing. Design, Quality ingredients and premium chocolate make the difference, creating a deliciously diverse chocolate experience.


Nancy Byrne, an artisan chocolatier & classically-trained pastry chef, selects only the finest quality all-natural ingredients for our classical creations. From pure cane sugar and rich creamery butter to the freshly roasted nuts. Our Italian Buttercream is made from scratch in the traditional European way, right down to the natural ground Vanilla Beans. Additionally, we only use Puree and Natural Oils to flavor our confections. Our production facility and chocolate shop is located in Venice Florida.