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Our expertly crafted truffles will delight the most sophisticated palate. Silky, smooth ganache is discriminatingly paired with a rich, creamy filling and ultimately embraced by Ultra-Rich Dark Chocolate. Then, for the final sublime touch, we have adorned each one with its most complimentary flavor embellishment. 

Choose from the following Delicious Flavors

Tiramisu  Espresso & Myers Dark Rum®-infused vanilla cake ganache surrounds an ethereal center of white rum and Vanilla Bean Mascarpone French Buttercream.  This Italian dream has been drenched in a dark chocolate shell, topped with a white chocolate flower and dusted with cocoa.

Jamaican Spice  Our Jamaican Spice Dessert Truffle will transport your taste buds to the Caribbean.  A rich, creamy center of Nutmeg & White Rum French Buttercream is lovingly embraced by a vanilla bean ganache, which has been soaked in Myers’s Dark Jamaican Rum®. Around all that is a 60% dark chocolate shell, drizzled with white chocolate and just a sprinkle of fresh grated nutmeg.

Grand Marnier®  Divine Italian Buttercream has been saturated with Grand Marnier® and placed at the center of this luscious treat.  Our Sweet Orange Cake Ganache is the perfect complement to such a creamy center. Our dark chocolate shell lends the perfect bitter edge; just enough to offset the light, sweetness it surrounds.  Finally, for a little Holiday Elegance, we have added a flakes of 24K Gold Leaf.

Baileys®  Mocha Cake w/ Bailey’s Irish Cream blended in creates a light, creamy component for the silky, smooth Baileys Italian Buttercream center.  Covered in a dark chocolate shell and decorated with the iconic Baileys Irish Knot.

Crème de Menthe  Creamy, cool mint and chocolate is both refreshing and satisfying at the same time.  Our decadent chocolate cake mousse is wrapped around  a Crème de Menthe dark chocolate ganache center. Once encased in Chocolate, it is decorated with a hand-piped chocolate leaf and burnished with flecks of real silver.  Minty, chocolatey goodness in such a sweet, sparkly package!

Frangelico® Chocolate, Hazelnuts and Frangelico® liqueur are all very reminiscent of Europe.  Crunchy, toasted Hazelnuts have been blended into our rich, chocolate cake mousse, along with a liberal amount of Frangelico®.  To make this confection especially decadent, we have also placed Frangelico® dark chocolate ganache inside the creamy cake, enrobed it all in more dark chocolate and rolled it in even more toasted hazelnuts. A European tradition you love, made in America.

Birthday Cake  Don't you love Birthday Cake? We do too!  Our decadent mousse like chocolate cake is filled with the lightest, creamiest Vanilla Italian Buttercream. All this lusciousness comes in a rich 60% Dark Chocolate Chocolate shell. Finally, in honor of such a festive celebration, we have drizzled the Birthday Cake Dessert Truffle with white chocolate.

Triple Chocolate  Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate and Milk Chocolate are together again in our Triple Chocolate Dessert Truffle.   We start with an unbelievably buttery soft, white chocolate ganache made with real cream. Then, we surround it in silky, smooth dark chocolate cake. Once we have enrobed it in a 60% Dark Chocolate shell, we shower it in marble chocolate shavings. It’s Chocolate3 in a spherical form!

Caramel Pecan  If you like caramel, chocolate and pecans, you'll love our Caramel Pecan Dessert Truffles!  We have wrapped smooth chocolate cake around a sweet, creamy caramel center. Then, after drenching it in 60 % Dark Chocolate it is rolled in crunchy, toasted pecans. One bite and you'll be hooked!

Chocolate Torte  This is reminiscent of the fabulous desserts found in those beloved European Bakeries!  At the heart of our Chocolate Torte Dessert Truffle is rich, creamy Chocolate Italian Buttercream that has been embraced by sumptuous mousse like chocolate cake. We finished this one in our 60 % Dark Chocolate to better contrast the lovely bitterness of its crunchy cocoa nib coating.

Dark Chocolate  For the purest,  Our Dark Chocolate Dessert Truffle is chocolate through and through. Decadent, creamy chocolate mousse like cake is filled with smooth dark chocolate ganache and then drenched in rich 60% Dark Chocolate shell.  It is just that simple!

Coconut Cream  Creamy, Coconut mousse like Cake amply filled with moist, natural coconut surrounds Coconut Italian Buttercream, which is at the center of this remarkable confection.  Rich 60% Dark Chocolate enshrouds this tasty morsel, which is uniquely distinguished by its topcoat of shredded toasted coconut.  You will certainly be pleased with the rich coconut flavor!

Mocha  Because so many of us enjoy the taste of coffee together with chocolate, we created our Mocha Dessert Truffle.  By infusing our chocolate mousse like cake with both fresh, finely ground espresso beans and freshly brewed espresso, we have given this dessert truffle the extra bold coffee flavor we all enjoy so much.  Plus, for even more of a kick, we’ve added a filling of espresso dark chocolate ganache.  A shell of rich 60% Dark Chocolate, a swirl of crema-colored white chocolate and a whole coffee bean complete this treasure.

Dark Chocolate Orange  Light Orange Ganache delicately embraces a bold Dark Chocolate Orange ganache center for a perfectly bittersweet combination. A touch of orange peel and sugar crystals sprinkled atop the rich 60% Dark Chocolate shell and voila!

Peppermint Cream  A refreshingly, cool Peppermint Italian Buttercream is nestled inside our moist chocolate mousse like cake ganache. Finished with Premium, European 60% Dark Chocolate and a striking White Chocolate Drizzle, the flavor is just right.

Peanut Butter  Everyone loves Chocolate and Peanut Butter!  French Buttercream made with creamy peanut butter is at the center of this classic gem. Our very special dark chocolate ganache pairs beautifully with this smooth center. Topped off with a rich 60% Dark Chocolate shell, it will be your new favorite way to enjoy a traditional combination.

Red Velvet Dessert Truffle  Red Velvet Cake is a Southern tradition. So, being here in the South, we decided a special edition Red Velvet Dessert Truffle was a must! We created a Rich, Red Velvet Cake Ganache and coupled it with a tangy, Cream Cheese Italian Buttercream Center. After cloaking this luxurious truffle in buttery white chocolate, we piped on its signature pink chocolate monogram for just the right finishing touch.

Chocolate Symphony Dessert Truffles  Our Dark Chocolate Truffle Ganache is paired with an Rich 75% Dark Chocolate Ganache center. If you are worried that going to this Dark Side will be too much for you… don’t; the creamy white chocolate cover is your sweet salvation.

100% natural ingredients | Contains: Milk, Eggs, Wheat, Soy